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Tips for Surviving a Career Transition! Choose a Certified Career Coach to Help You!

Whether it's a move to a new company, a complete career change, returning to work after raising children, a jump to retirement or a company downsizing or closing, your career transition is tedious and challenging.

At Career Pro Resume Center, Inc. we have established strong relations with Certified Career Coaches. Working with a Career Coach is the best short term investment for your future. You will create a job search strategy that matches your skills and goals to the current job market or find a new career path to gain greater satisfaction and provide unbiased advice.

As a member of the Association of Career Professionals International-Greater Philadelphia Network we recommend Certified Career Coaches… then we will partner with you to prepare your job search tools—Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile, Personal Statement and Bio.
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Here are steps to make a smooth transition from where you are to where you want to be.

First, think through your career and where you are now. Start off with CAR (Situation, Task Action and Result) statements. This is the first exercise to help you evaluate your decision to switch jobs. Review your career and write down your accomplishments in a CAR format.

  • Challenge – What challenge were you faced with?
  • Action – What action(s) did you take?
  • Results – What resulted from your action(s)? What benefits did the employer see afterward?

Seeing these accomplishments creates a strong strategic message. Then you need a plan of action with short and long term goals. You have to know what you want and how you can reach your career goals.

It's reasonable to ask yourself.

  • How long will it take to transition?
  • Do I have to start over?
  • What education and skills do I need?
  • Do you want to work full or part time?

You need to research, network and then do more research. You have to identify your transferable skills and training needs.
Networking is always important whether you're just starting out or late in your career. Most everyone knows at least a hundred people. Write down the folks that you know--- not just friends and family … include the people you know and trust… health care professionals, neighbors, colleagues, barber or stylist … the list goes on and on.

Reach out to professional associations in your area and follow companies and leaders on LinkedIn.

Most importantly…. Decide on a plan.

  • Stop delaying
  • Prepare to feel fear
  • Analyze yourself
  • Ask Questions
  • Explore

Whether you need a Certified Career Coach to assist you with the next step of your career or have picked your target…
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Contact us today and we will introduce you to a Certified Career Coach that will meet your needs!