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Recruitment Manager Interview Questions — Professional Resume Services in Wynnewood, PA

Here are some tips to make your job search easier from Louise Polis

Day by Day

Temporary or Contract jobs are great opportunities and can be easily finessed on your resume.

Permanent positions are tough to acquire in this economy. Many employers favor contract workers. However, temps can do something to make their status permanent.

A positive attitude is essential. Don't stare at the clock or dawdle. Many employers hire people on a temporary basis first to test whether they have staying power.

To become a permanent employee, ask questions and try to understand how the organization works. While working on a project, if you see a better or more efficient way to get the job done, it's important to make the suggestion and show what will result.

But don't go around changing everything. You're still the outsider just learning the ropes. And definitely don't change anything without speaking to a supervisor about it.

The key to success is moving from a temp to a permanent position is to blend into the culture quickly—and add value.

It's time to network.
  • Speak with your supervisor about opportunities or go down to the human resources department and check out job openings.
  • Don't eat lunch alone.
  • Make sure you spend some time with other staff members and ask more questions about the company.

In this way you'll be adding strong links to your network.

If you're assigned to a small business or a not for profit organization, the way to get recognized is to come up with ways to save money. If you are assigned a limited task and you know you can do much more, make them aware of the other skills you possess.

Remember: Temp jobs that don't lead anywhere can be valuable anyway, especially during a downturn.

Look at it as an opportunity to learn more about a particular industry or decide on the kind of corporate culture you prefer.
Temp or Contract jobs are also good ways to fill in employment gaps in your resume. They show that you want to build on your experience. Keep in mind, however, that jobs outside of your career goal or several short term jobs in succession can be red flags to prospective employers, particularly when they're reading your resume.

So categorize your employment. You can start off with jobs that highlight your marketability in the field of your choice, then divide your job history into different sections and help diminish the accent on short term jobs. Call it supplemental experience.”

A chronological resume is the preferred format for a powerful resume. However reordering your history by category is the ticket when you want to return to a profession that relates to an earlier career track. Try “divide and combine” … it gives the reader an impression of stability.

Tell the truth, blow your horn and don't confuse the reader of your resume.

Yes, Virginia, you can find work in December.
Back in 1897, a coroner's assistant in Manhattan was asked by his eight year old daughter. Virginia, whether Santa Claus existed, He suggested that she write The Sun, a prominent newspaper of the time, assuring her that “If you see it in The Sun then it is so.” Her letter gave one of the paper' s editors an opportunity to rise above a simple question. His response has become a tradition, recounted each year by many on radio and television as well as set to classical music.

Here is a question that a modern Virginia asks for all job seekers. Is it worth looking for working in December? I received this in an email in 2015.

“I am 28 years old and haven't worked since June. I network and send out resumes. I've had some interviews, but nothing has worked out. The holidays are coming and I don't have any money for gifts. Some of my friends say that it is not worth looking for work in December. They say no one will make a hiring decision until after the New Year. Is that true?”

Here is my response.

Yes, Virginia, your friends are wrong. They believe only what they see, They think that since it is time to shop that you need to do that too. But you can find work in December, Thanksgiving through New Year's Day can be the toughest time to be jobless but it doesn't have been a bust. People find as many jobs this month as they do during other parts of the year. So though you can relax and share time with family and friends, don't abandon the search.

Make time between festivities. December is an ideal time to plant a seed about your availability. If most job seekers see the holiday as a barren period, then there is less competition and the odds are in your favor.

Now is the time to socialize with a purpose. Attend as many events as possible. However, there is no need to do a hard sell while you had a good time. Let people know that you are looking for work.

Get a new stock of business cards. Give out two cards to each worthwhile contact, one for them and one to pass along. Better yet get their card or at least phone and email info. You're in control when you can follow up.

Guard against holiday expectations. Low on funds means stay away from the stores. So, now that you have more time--- this is the year that you will make gifts for your friends and family.

This time of year brings out the urge to give. Take this precious time and volunteer to help a group of folks that deserve more. Along with feeling good about what you are doing, you are giving yourself the opportunity to meet more people that may assist in your job search.

So Virginia, jobs are out there—. Relax, meet folks, and even get up the gumption to make cold calls. “Alas, how dreadful the world would be if we kept believing our friends who say there are no jobs out there”
Don't believe there are jobs available in December? You might as well not believe that the economy has cycles! The most real jobs are those that we don't see in want ads or on web sites. Jobs can come in serendipitous conversations waiting for an elevator or a restaurant restroom, waiting on the platform for a train, holiday gatherings ngs or finally telling Aunt Ellen you are looking for work

Begin a survival job that brings you money and more people that can assist you in finding work... try walking dogs, watching children, house sitting or watering plants. Be ready with resumes and business cards “Nobody can conceive or imagine all the wonders that are unseen and unseeable in the world. “ said Francis P. Church wrote in his New York Sun editorial.

So Virginia, can you find a job in December? Yes you can! Jobs are out there.