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Law Enforcement

police escort - professional resume services in Wynnewood, PA
Police Officer - professional resume services in Wynnewood, PA
Police Officer - professional resume services in Wynnewood, PA
Career Pro Resume Center, Inc. partners with Law Enforcement Officers in career transition.

Since 2003, Career Pro Resume Center Inc., is the preferred resume preparation service for the Philadelphia Police Department and now serves police officers throughout the greater Philadelphia region.

We have prepared a full range of resumes for all ranks looking for career advancement, private sector employment and part-time opportunities. Whether the goal is promotion to executive positions such as Police Chief or preparing for employment as a small business/franchise owner; we personally tailor your resume to help put you where you want to be.

  • We will show how your accomplishments should be emphasized, included or eliminated based on your unique circumstances, history and goals.
  • We keep up to date with what is valued by hiring managers in the private or government sectors; attention to detail, truthfulness, accuracy and completeness.
  • We know the most appropriate format and those all-important keywords.
  • We know that a small oversight or screen out factor is all it takes not be selected for the interview. Like a well-fitting suit, it is all in the details.

When you applied to become a law enforcement officer, you did not need a resume. For a second career you will need a resume written to the future.
The purpose of the resume is to gain an interview. Your resume is your calling card. It answers the question “What do I offer my next employer?” Your resume is a customized document that describes the challenges, actions, skills and success of your career.
At Career Pro Resume Center Inc., we partner with you to present a resume that will grab attention and increase the chances of an interview.

A seasoned resume writer will work with you throughout the project. Contact is in person, email or phone. You will be thoroughly interviewed about your professional experience, skills, accomplishments and training. From this interview, a first version of the resume is crafted and supplied by email.

You will check all data for accuracy and completeness. With your final approval of all changes, you will receive your customized resume and cover letter ready for networking and placement on career and company websites. We offer assistance in placing the resume on career or company websites.

You call. We write. You succeed. We serve the needs of police officers in transition and members of their families. Call for special discounts for recent college graduates, return to work parents and other job seekers.

Contact Louise Polis at Career Pro Resume Center at 610-642-6091 or for complete details.