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Louise is truly a professional. She is quick-witted and very easy to talk to, and has a wonderful ability to listen and decipher things quickly. She made me feel so comfortable in talking, when at first I was so frazzled. Life pulled the cover right from under my life and I am trying to recover and not give up. Sometimes a shakeup like this is the best thing that can happen.
Joy H., Downsized Business Analyst
My resume was able to qualify me for a position in lieu of four years of college. Career Pro Resume Center Inc. wrote a strong resume. They helped me get my foot in the door.
Edward K., Retired Philadelphia Police Department Plainclothes Officer
Louise Polis did an amazing job creating my cover letter and resume. Even my current employer complimented me on my resume. I would use Louise again and recommend her to anyone in need of professional cover letters and resumes!
A. Brown, Social Worker
The resume went from a strip mall office building to the Cathedral at Chartres!
C. Chase, Administrative Assistant
The resume was a success. I was able to land a job actually. I received two offers and I earn 35% more annually. Pretty awesome. Great overall outcome. Thanks.
Marc A., Environmental Services Manager
Ms. Polis consistently keeps up on new trends in the industry and applies these new practices to her every day work. The best demonstration of this is when she did research in addition to meeting with me about my job field to truly understand the work I do on a day to day basis. This was a great display of her willingness to update her job knowledge and master her position in this ever changing field. She is an empathetic and great active listener. She listened as I tried to describe my job duties and was able to articulate eloquently my job duties for the past 10 years. She also introduced me to a prospective mentor that would be able to help me grow in my field of work and provided names of books that she felt would also be of assistance to me. She was open to any concerns or suggestions I had and proactively responded to feedback.
Joyce C. Project Manager, Public and Private Sector
I hired Louise to revamp my resume and it's been one of the best experiences! She simplified the saying “looking for a job, is a job in itself” … Louise is a SME in more than one area when discussing my career... She an expert for keywords and a wealth of knowledge for industry standards for candidate acquisition – language, modeling for artificial intelligence variances and customization to what hiring managers are looking for. I will keep her in my contacts for LIFE - Thanks for your help, Louise, I'm glad I made the investment.
Dino Martin, IT Project Manager
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